Inground Pools

water-103817_1280A swimming pool is more than just a puddle of water you can swim, exercise in, or relax next to. It is an investment and one that can be costly up front. One of the most common questions we get from our customers is “how much will it cost to build a customized inground pool?” The answer often varies as we base our prices on your location, the type of pool you want, the actual size of the pool, and if you want any added features like an attached spa, deck work, plants, or whatever else you can think of. There truly is no flat answer to give, a custom pool is unique to the person who wants it built so there isn’t one lump sum to give. However, you can always ask us for a free quote or in home consultation before you make any decisions.In general, our customers tend to pay between %25,000 to $150,000 for their custom pools but this number includes both residential and commercial customers. All of our pools are inground and no two pools will have the same layout or design features, as again they are custom to our customer’s specifications.

However, before you contact us for a free quote be sure to consider the below price factors:

  • Size – The size of your swimming pool is by far the largest factor in overall price. Expect to pay roughly $50 per square foot for basic materials.
  • Depth – The deeper the pool, the work is required to build it and there will also be a need for more materials. Deeper is always more expensive.
  • Materials  What you choose to build your pool with is directly associated to the final price. A marble pool with fiber optic lighting will obviously cost more than a traditional concrete pool.
  • Location –  This cost is a minimal factor at best but some inground pool texasmunicipalities require permitting before any construction work is started.
  • Shape  We can create a pool of any shape. A previous customer wanted their pool to be in the shape of a pineapple. It was challenging but we completed the project. However, building a pool with a less than traditional shape requires more labor and additional materials, so the cost tends to increase for these projects.
  • Extras –  Features like an attached hot tub, waterfalls, waterslide or diving boards, pool lighting, fire features, outdoor kitchens and more- all cost extra. We will go over any add on features before we begin pool construction

Inground pool construction is usually completed in under two weeks but this depends on the scope of the project. For more information on our inground pool construction services, design services, or for an free estimate on your next pool project contact The Custom Pool CO. today.

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